Terraform v0.13.5 Configuring remote state backend… Initializing Terraform configuration… Setup failed: Failed terraform init (exit 1): Output: Initializing modules… - ec2_instance in modules/ec2 - sg in modules/security_group - vpc in modules/vpc Initializing the backend… Successfully configured the backend “remote”! Terraform will automatically use this backend unless the backend configuration changes. Initializing provider plugins… - Finding latest version of hashicorp/aws… - Finding latest version of hashicorp/ec2…

Hi @Sabari6600,

Since you didn’t share your configuration I can’t be sure, but based on the symptom I would guess that you’ve made a mistake writing one of your resource blocks in the configuration, using an ec2_ prefix instead of an aws_ suffix in a resource type name.

For example, if you’ve written resource "ec2_instance" "example" then you should instead write resource "aws_instance" "example".