ESXi error - Configured PCI devices are not attached to the VM when the process is finished

Terraform Version

Terraform v1.0.4
on linux_amd64

Description Of The Problem

Configured PCI don’t get attached to the VM when the process is finished.

Debug/Crash Output


Expected Behavior

VM should start with 3 PCI - VF devices supplied.

Actual Behavior

None of the PCI devices attached to the VM.
Screenshots attached.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Define some PCI devices on ESXi host (direct-path passthrough devices)
  2. Create a tf file with VM resource and pci_device_id parameter filled with a number of pci addresses, e.g.
    resource “vsphere_virtual_machine” “vm” { … pci_device_id = [“0000:b5:00.0”,“0000:b5:00.1”] …}
    as described above.