Extend nomad pack templating funtinality to other files different than nomad jobs


I am reading about nomad pack and was wondering whether it would be possible to use the templating functionality for configuration files.
In my use case I am trying to deploy a cluster using nomad. This means I need to create a configuration file with the list of all hosts involved in the cluster.
If this currently supported by nomad pack or is the templating only supported for .hcl job files?

thank you

Hi @masuberu,

nomad-pack does not currently support this functionality and will likely not be extended to include such features. It is designed to utilise the Nomad API and currently supports jobs rather than be a generic templating and configuration management tool.

The server_join configuration block supports cloud auto-join functionality. If you’re deploying your Nomad clusters to a supported provider, you can use this feature to avoid hard-coding IP addresses within your configuration.

How are you deploying the base infrastructure for the Nomad cluster? Could this be used also be template and control your configuration files?

jrasell and the Nomad team

thank you @jrasell ,

we use nomad on local infrastructure (not cloud), that’s fine we can manage this sort of configuration outside nomad.