Extract list of secret-ids from AppRole role-id

Is it possible to obtain a list a secret-ids associated with a particular role-id?

Not as far I know. The secret-id is a single issue API, so there is no way of extracting it back out afterwards, so no list option.

You can list the accessors, however.

vault list auth/approle/role/<YOUR_ROLE_NAME>/secret-id

From there you can read details about the secret-id (creation time, remaining TTL, etc.) but you cannot retrieve the actual ID as that’s a single issue as @aram mentioned.

Thanks for the response. Excuse my ignorance, how do I look up the details of an accessor from the output of vault list auth/approle/role/<YOUR_ROLE_NAME>/secret-id?

I haven’t tried it, but I think it would be this → Read AppRole Secret ID Accessor