Failed to pull ``:

Hi, I am Chinese. I use nomad to deploy a example .nomad file from the nomad website which named connect.nomad:

job “countdash” {
datacenters = [“dc1”]

group “api” {
network {
mode = “bridge”

service {                
  name = "count-api"     
  port = "9001"          
  connect {              
    sidecar_service {}   

because of the network limit of china, I got the error as below:
Dec 27, '19 09:03:22 +0800 Setup Failure failed to setup alloc: pre-run hook “network” failed: failed to create network for alloc: Failed to pull API error (500): Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)

So, I pull this image to my local machine, But I still can’t solve this problem!and how can I do to resolve this problem? thank you very much!

I get the source code from github and grep the ‘’‘’ string, it seems that I need set the infra_image parameter, is it that?

yes, I have resolved this problem! change the client node’s configure .hcl file as below :
lee@wooddeep:~$ cat client1.hcl

log_level = “DEBUG”

data_dir = “/home/lee/data/client1”

client {
enabled = true

servers = [“”]

ports {
http = 5656

plugin “docker” {
config {
infra_image = “