Failing on creating default resources on Postgres database for boundary controller

Hello Team,
Currently, I have installed boundary controller and postgres on the same linux redhat vm. I can connect to the postgresql database via psql.
while running boundary database init, it is trying to create some resources such as pgcrypto which was not there in previously, I had to install this modoule manually in the databse. but after installing pgcrypto, it is still failing on creating trigger on session_connection_state: "unknown error #0: ERROR: syntax error at or near “function” (SQLSTATE 42601).
I am using poostgres version 10.23 and community edition boundary controller binaries version 0.14.3

Any advice

Hi. Are you able to install a newer version of postgres? Boundary requires postgres version 12 or newer.

We are in Air-gapped environment, newer version has to go through some security checks.

does postgres version has to be 12 or above even for community edition of boundary?

There is not much info available for database config for boundary.

Yes, all editions, including the community edition, require postgres 12 or newer.

Ok, I just provisioned postgres in a docker container which has latest version 16.

I wonder if I have to create boundary db in postgres prior to running the database initialization (boundary inti database -config=controller.hcl)

to make it work I had to use upper version of postgres. so now boundary database serer is running as service as docker container.

Boundary lacks documentation that is for sure if someone is looking to setup on-prem environment.


We track supported Postgres versions - hence we support Postgres 12 or higher. The need for pgcrypto is documented with our installation docs. If you think something on that page is not clear you can hit Edit at the bottom and send us a PR to fix it…we’d love it! :smiley: