Bug or Issue with postgres 16.1.0 for boundary service

Hi Hashicorp Team, Just letting you know that it looks like enterprise boundary would not work on postgres version 16.1.0 as I tried to run boundary (enterprise version) as a Systemd service which is failing on the below error:
“Newer Schema version (oss 830001) than this binary expects. pleae use a newer version of the boundary binary”

I had to use lower version of postgres which is 15.5.0.


Hi, I am trying to recreate this issue, but so far have not been able to. Would you mind sharing the version of the boundary binary you used? Was this a fresh install of boundary using that version? Or were you upgrading from a previous version?

The error message you posted indicates that an older boundary binary was started as a controller compared to the binary that was used to run the migrations.

I was using earlier community edition of boundary binary, then switch to Enterprise one (0.15.0+ent) with postgres version 16.1.0. that is where when I got this error.

I donot know what caused this, May be I will try to do fresh install with this on new vm.

Thanks for the heads-up! It’s good to know about the compatibility issues with PostgreSQL version 16.1.0. Using version 15.5.0 as a workaround sounds like a practical solution for now Wash Shoes. Appreciate you sharing your experience.