Installing v0.9.1 not working

When I initialize the db, based on the logs it looks successful

Migrations successfully run.
Global-scope KMS keys successfully created.

Initial login role information:
  Name:      Login and Default Grants
  Role ID:   r_I91S23dofu

But when I start the server it complains that the db hasn’t been initialized and logs this

{"id":"h28YSorKT1","source":"","specversion":"1.0","type":"error","data":{"error":"postgres.(Postgres).EnsureVersionTable: unknown, unknown: error #0: ERROR: relation \"boundary_schema_version\" already exists (SQLSTATE 42P07)","error_fields":{"Code":0,"Msg":"","Op":"postgres.(Postgres).EnsureVersionTable","Wrapped":{"Severity":"ERROR","Code":"42P07","Message":"relation \"boundary_schema_version\" already exists","Detail":"","Hint":"","Position":0,"InternalPosition":0,"InternalQuery":"","Where":"","SchemaName":"","TableName":"","ColumnName":"","DataTypeName":"","ConstraintName":"","File":"heap.c","Line":1182,"Routine":"heap_create_with_catalog"}},"id":"e_HBaMjs7Emq","version":"v0.1","op":"postgres.(Postgres).EnsureVersionTable"},"datacontentype":"application/cloudevents","time":"2022-07-08T15:34:54.152029362Z"}

Based on the source of the event being boundary-database-init and the Postgres 42P07 error, it looks like you’re trying to init the database again.

I am running this inside a container with this command:

boundary database migrate -config /boundary/config.hcl || boundary database init -config /boundary/config.hcl || sleep 1000

Maybe the migrate is failing? Does it exit with a different code than the previous versions?

:thinking: you said earlier: “when I start a server it complains…” and then posted an error which can only come from the boundary database init

now, you’ve posted a set of OR’d commands which would attempt to migrate the db and if it fails, assume that the db hasn’t been initialized and attempt to init the db. But I don’t see the connection between these and the earlier “when I start a server…” that results in an init error.

Perhaps I’m don’t know enough about your deployment env.

I am trying to deploy into Kubernetes. With k8s you can specify an init-container that runs before the main process. I configured my deployment to run this command in the init-container boundary database migrate -config /boundary/config.hcl || boundary database init -config /boundary/config.hcl || sleep 300
Then the main process starts with this command boundary server -config /boundary/config.hcl
Both containers are sharing the volume with the config.hcl