Trying to Create org and project scopes on premise!

The first step is successfully!
[root@hcbc1 boundary.d]# boundary database init -skip-auth-method-creation -skip-host -resources-creation -skip-scopes-creation -skip-target-creation -config /etc/bound ary.d/controller.hcl
Migrations successfully run.
Global-scope KMS keys successfully created.

Initial login role information:
Name: Login and Default Grants
Role ID: r_gj3tZSr86e

The Second Step not well!

[root@hcbc1 boundary.d]# boundary scopes create -name ‘org’ -scope-id ‘global’ -recovery-config /tmp/recovery.hcl -skip-admin-role-creation -skip-default-role-creation
Error trying to create scope: error performing client request during Create call: Post “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused
The Boundary server is started and enable!
Any help would be Nice, thanks!

Hi there,

Boundary needs to be shut down when running database init or database migrate but needs to be running for other commands. It seems like Boundary was not started between the two.

Hope that helps!