Failing to delete auth mount - unable to revoke leases

I have an auth mount which I am unable to destroy and am at a loss on any other steps so hoping the community may have some ideas!

Initially, if I run an auth/blah/config GET request on the auth mount I get the following error:
"No handler for router “auth/blah/config”. route entry is tainted.

Upon trying to delete the auth mount I get the following error:
“failed to revoke auth/blah/login/” (1 /2): failed to read lease entry auth/blah/login/: decryption failed: cipher: message authentication failed


Through the API I queried the /sys/leases/lookup/auth/blah/login endpoint via GET and it returned 2 keys, one of which matches the in the original error.

Upon running a revoke-force API call for the auth/blah mount point it returns a 204 OK as though it deletes, however if I re-run the get the keys still are present.

Any suggestions?

vault lease revoke -prefix … worked for me