Faster Waiting for SSH to become available

Is there any way to make the Waiting for SSH to become available to be faster ?

Right now, my deployment of PhotonOS 3, using latest packer, on OS X, uses 80% of the time, just waiting for SSH, on my fusion, even thou it’s ready to accept connections.

I have played around with ssh timeout, without any luck.
Right now it’s.
“ssh_timeout”: “10m”,


I’m not sure what builder you’re using but if you are building an image from scratch rather than launching a cloud image that is already built, “waiting for ssh” is always going to take a long time. This is because while Packer is waiting, the VM is busy running its preseed configuration. We suggest you enable SSH as your very last step to make sure that the instance is ready for further provisioners by the time Packer is able to connect. The way to shrink the “Waiting” time is to make the preseed as small as possible, with as few package installations as needed. But you’ll be able to see what the time is being spent on if you connect to your instance via VNC – Packer should print the VNC address to the UI so you can connect.


I’m using the VMware-iso builder. Is that what you mean ?
And i do understand, what you mean, but in this case, the image is really small, and there is nothing for it to do, so it’s just waiting and not doing anything.

I got a feeling, that it’s a timeout or something.
Packer detects when it reboot’s, and should imho be ready to take over, as soon as it donee rebooting, but ends up waiting instead.

If you can share a config I can take a look.