Time Out Waiting for SSH OSX 11.1 and VMware 12


I have some templates that I’ve been using for a while and now after updating to BigSur and VMware 12.0 I am unable to complete a build due to both OS’s timing out on ssh and WinRM. I’ve checked all my settings and everything looks good on that side. The packer process will connect and start a vnc session and run but the system will just hang on waiting for ssh. I can get into the system and have verified that ssh ports are open as well.

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I am having the same issue. I am unable to build linux and windows vms using macOS 11.0.1. Never had this problem till I upgraded to Big Sur.

Sounds like this issue Packer failing to get IP address on macOS 11 with VMware Fusion 12.0 · Issue #10177 · hashicorp/packer · GitHub that was fixed in packer 1.6.6