Packer vmware-vmx: SSH timeout

Hello all,

I have been having issues trying to get vmware-vmx working. I have tried a few options but then tried to use the basic script that is posted on the packer site. It states this this basic code works. (Basic Example)

The following is my code that i am trying to run


“builders”: [


“type”: “vmware-vmx”,

“source_path”: “D:/Virtual Machines/CENT7/CENT7.vmx”,

“ssh_username”: “root”,

“ssh_password”: “Password”,

“shutdown_command”: “shutdown -P now”




The clone VM comes up fine on VMware Workstation 15.6. It picks up VMnet8 as expected. IP address is assigned via DHCP. Packer waits for SSH connection. I can login to the clone VM manually.

The following is the messages i get when i run the code:

==> vmware-vmx: Cloning source VM…

==> vmware-vmx: Starting virtual machine…

==> vmware-vmx: Waiting 10s for boot…

==> vmware-vmx: Connecting to VM via VNC (

==> vmware-vmx: Typing the boot command over VNC…

==> vmware-vmx: Using ssh communicator to connect: 192,168.10.131

==> vmware-vmx: Waiting for SSH to become available…

==> vmware-vmx: Timeout waiting for SSH.

==> vmware-vmx: Stopping virtual machine…

==> vmware-vmx: Deleting output directory…

Build ‘vmware-vmx’ errored: Timeout waiting for SSH.

==> Some builds didn’t complete successfully and had errors:

–> vmware-vmx: Timeout waiting for SSH.

It could be that I am missing something. I tried adding ssh_host but that does not work as expected.

Try setting the environment variable PACKER_LOG=1 to get more detailed logs. The only thing that jumps out at me looking at this is that there’s a comma in the IP address: 192,168.10.131 and I wonder if this is somehow throwing things off.