Feedback: Changelogs for vscode-terraform


I hope that this is the correct channel for this. I just want to stress that I really like the way you create changelogs and pull requests for GitHub - hashicorp/vscode-terraform: HashiCorp Terraform VSCode extension and hope that you continue it that way. The changes are quite good described and compared between before and after. Also you attach small GIFs to each PR which is linked in the changelog also outlining the difference for the user which makes the changes even more visible.

Thank you for that! Those are very cool PRs nicely integrated in the changelog.


Hi @juljaeg
Thank you for your kind words.

If you find the time and are willing to do it, we also welcome such feedback on the Marketplace HashiCorp Terraform - Visual Studio Marketplace

Also if you come across any bugs in the latest release, or think of some features, we welcome these in the form of issues at Issues · hashicorp/vscode-terraform · GitHub