Fields of oidc account

I found can not specify “name” and “login name” for oidc account via CLI, and auto created oidc account when first login via oidc method do not have value for these two fields.


no login name showed on the web UI and user layer. I can’t identify which is the corresponding user.It’s not convenient to assign roles.
Do we have other way to set these two fields?

Thanks for submitting this @Carl and for trying out Boundary. One of your screen grabs has the toggle for light and dark mode, but if I’m reading this correctly, you’re having trouble correlating the user and the account login name for an OIDC account in the admin console, is that correct?

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Thanks for reply @malnick .
yeah, you are correct. The first screen is i logined the boundary via oidc method. The second screen is accounts list from admin console.

Login via oidc method first time will create the user and account automatically. The user name and account name is same as their id. So I can not distinguish the account belongs to which oidc provider user from web UI. I know that use command “boundary accounts read -id” can show the email and full_name. Maybe it will be better If some identity info can be shown from the web ui.

orchestrate accounts and users resource via terraform is a good way :slightly_smiling_face:

Having the same issue with boundary and Okta, where you able to get this resolved ?

Try and specify “email” and “profile” as Claims Scopes in the OIDC auth method configuration.