Filegateway with bandwidth limit query

When I do a “terraform plan” there is error for filegate does not support bandwith limit query. It is true according to aws documentation but why “terraform plan” needs to query that. And anyone knows how to fix this?

module.filegateway.aws_storagegateway_gateway.nfs_file_gateway: Refreshing state… [id=arn:aws:storagegateway:us-east-2:706927090183:gateway/sgw-473FD82E]

Error: error reading Storage Gateway Bandwidth rate limit: InvalidGatewayRequestException: This operation is not valid for the specified gateway.


RespMetadata: {

StatusCode: 400,

RequestID: "a5b4d5be-71bf-4c9d-95fa-a354ffd8776d"


Error_: {

ErrorCode: "UnsupportedOperationForGatewayType"


Message_: "This operation is not valid for the specified gateway."


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Hi, did you manage to come right? we are experiencing the same thing.

No yet - I guess this is pretty new because of some terraform or aws change

Hi, did you by any chance import your storage gateway? or have the following in your state:
“average_download_rate_limit_in_bits_per_sec”: null,
“average_upload_rate_limit_in_bits_per_sec”: null,
it will be under the storage gateway, we are concerned this might be causing the issue. As those attributes shouldn’t be there for “gateway_type”: “FILE_S3”

I am having the same issue as well with an S3 file gateway. Had been working fine previously, though not sure how long ago that was. We do not have those settings in the state. I believe it was imported.

Found this, seems they are working on it for the next provider release.

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