Fix for Hashicups tutorial for MacOS M1 chipsets, JUNE 2022

If like me, you ran into problems with the hashicups CRUD tutorial found here:

And you are on a Mac M1 computer, you will get an error on terraform init, like so:

Error: Incompatible provider version
│ Provider v0.3.1 does not have a package available for your current platform, darwin_arm64.

The hint is right there in the error, “Darwin_arm64”.

The problem is that hashicorp does not have a pre-built binary for the M1 chip. You will need to build from source using golang, AND, you will need to modify the Makefile so that the OS_ARCH references arm64 (the M1 chipset).

Here’s a screenshot showing the changes to the makefile in the background, and terraform init successfully working in the foreground.

In the tutorial section “Install HashiCups provider” you will need to use the steps for “build from source”.

Hope this helps the next person!

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thank you, helped me!

FYI for people wanting to build this on M1. Update OS_ARCH to darwin_arm64

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