For_each questions for simple lists

I am trying to simply my variables/tfvars. I usually export out from other tools to a csv/json & have to edit the JSON similar to :

    app_list = [{
  name       = "app1"
  BC         = "001"
  "Group" = "IT"
  name       = "app2"
  BC         = "001"
  "Group" = "IT"

in my I use

for_each = { for n in var.app_list : => n } 
  name     = upper(join("-", [var.prefix,, var.env]))

the above works; however I would like to maintain my list/array as:

{"owner"= "Arjuna the great"}

I am not sure how to reference these as I am unable to use each.key and each.value (i.e. each.key should contain “application1” && “owner”)

is this possible with the for_each or for loops in terraform/HCL?

Most machine exports will save date in the above format & it would be easy to just export machine output and use that as tfvars.

I am trying to bulk create secrets in Azure key vault using a table as reference.

secret_Name Secret_value
vmpassword somerandom
vmowner Krishna
APIkey somerandomstring