Force deployment in Failed due to progress deadline


I Try to switch my homelab to nomad and during my test I often need to modify docker image who failled in my job without update job file but often my deployment stuck in “Failed due to progress deadline”
do we have a way to force restart of deployment without modify job?

I know you don’t want to modify the job file but without a new version I think you’ll be working against nomad and how it works. A simple change you can make to the job file is to add a metadata section and a version variable that you bump manually when you need a new deployment. You can even edit the job definition right in the nomad UI if you want.

It sounds like you might using CI. If so, tag your containers with a pipeline ID or commit hash and then you can use that in your job file to force a new version. Automating job file creation isn’t too difficult and could be made a part of your CI pipeline.

ok to begin I will add a metada version thanks :wink: CI will come later in the project