Front Door - How do you use this in a multi-region scenario

I have my scripts set up in the following way:

Apologies as that is quite a read, but I essentially have a global region and multiple other actual regions, and then a global dependencies module that the regions use.

I have been using Traffic Manager when I need to do load balancing between multiple regions. This works for the most part as Traffic Manager is split into multiple resources. So I have my actual traffic manager resource in the global region, then this is referenced by a traffic manager endpoint in each region.

We would however like to use Front Door, as it provides more features.

However, the issue we are currently facing is that in the case of the Front Door resource, everything to create the front door is referenced within the one resource. So we cannot port the endpoints over to backend pools as we cannot create them within the individual regions.

Can anybody think of a way around this, or is this something I’d need to raise as a “bug”?