Getting time out while running plan

Hi All,

I am getting time out error or unable to download plugin when i run the terraform plan.

Recently there was antivirus product changed in my laptop and after that terraform stops working. My support team is looking for exceptional list to allow the terraform to work, not sure what is that.

I have seen similar issues were reported in the past but i didnt get any solution from that.

Hi @janapb,

Unfortunately antivirus and other similar systems that intercept and interfere with Terraform’s requests are indeed a common problem but one that doesn’t have a common solution, because the quirks vary between different products.

When downloading provider plugins Terraform will first send some requests to to discover which versions of the provider are available, and then it’ll connect to whatever server is actually hosting the provider, which is currently either or GitHub depending on whether the provider is an official one or a partner/community one.

If you run terraform init with the environment variable TF_LOG=trace set you should see some more details about what exactly Terraform is accessing and which of the steps are failing, which will hopefully give you the information you need for your employer to make the necessary exemption in the antivirus product.

Hello @apparentlymart ,

Thanks for your detailed explanation, looks like an known error which you addressed couple of years back. I have enabled the trace and here is the log.

2021-02-19T17:49:17.237+0800 [WARN] plugin: plugin failed to exit gracefully
2021-02-19T17:49:17.252+0800 [DEBUG] plugin: plugin process exited: path=.terraform/plugins/ pid=15348 error=“exit status 1”

Error: Could not load plugin

Antivirus team is looking for the list of files or path which has to be excluded. do you have these info any of the issues reported?