Given value is not suitable for child module variable

Can someone please help in here, i have upgraded the terraform version to 1.1.0 from 0.12.25, after upgrading its complaining of the type of the value for the variable, even though they were set correct, for example, in below root and child module, variable “create_vpc” type is set to bool , even then its complaining that type of value should be bool

for this variable there is no tfvars file as well. we have defined the default values in


Hi @rk0309,

It would be more helpful if you showed the complete text from your example, rather than pictures of some of the text. Not only is text easier to read and more accessible, but allows others to copy & paste it exactly into follow up examples. What you have here does not show any variable assignment, but the complete error message should give the location of the problematic assignment.