Global Accelerator Endpoint Group Data Source

Is it possible to get the endpoint group ID from a data source, rather than referencing outputs in another module?

My use case:
I want a GA in a common module and to be able to add an ALB to the endpoint depending on whether I am running blue or green, and set the new one coming to default to 0% traffic while we do testing against a different FQDN.
I have the GA, Listener and Endpoint with 0 ALBs working correctly, so it is just piping that info over into the coloured module setup. We have tried to move away from cross referencing outputs and using data source lookups

I may be going about this wrong, but this is how it makes sense to me, so any help/pointers are very welcome.

[Running TF12]


Hey @omahonyb :wave: It looks like there’s not currently a data source for this, but there seems to be support for it in the AWS Go SDK, so I’d recommend that you open a feature request issue on the AWS Provider GitHub repository so that we can look into getting it added!

Thanks mate, going to do that now…

[Global Accelerator Endpoint Group Data Source · Issue #22775 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub](Request for GA Endpoint Data Source)