Gloo consul connect integration

We are setting up gloo edge as API GW and want to connect to consul connect service mesh .While I can register consul defined services as a upstream service, I wanted to know how to setup mtls, consul intent for the north-south traffic.

Hi @aryaKetanWhjr1,

Gloo does not currently support a native integration with Consul service mesh. Gloo docs at mention that the integration is “coming soon”, although I believe it has had this status for quite some time.

Are you already using Gloo in production as your API gateway, or are you evaluating API GW options? If you’re already using Gloo, you may be able to use the integration pattern described at to integrate Gloo with Consul.

If you’re open to evaluating other options, Ambassador and Traefik both natively integrate with Consul service mesh. Consul also provides its own Envoy-based ingress gateway that can route to backend services using mTLS.

Lastly, we’ll be sharing some updates regarding ingress gateways in a couple of weeks at HashiConf Global ( which you may want to keep an eye out for.

Thanks Blake!! we are set on using gloo ( primarily because it gives us a single GW to integrate with multiple back-end services ( non K8s like AWS lambda).

Given that we wanted to integrate the way Consul integrates with Ambassador , should we create a consul ingress gateway which will accept all north-south traffic from Gloo API GW. This gateway will be registered as an upstream service on gloo.

Hi @aryaKetanWhjr1,

That sounds like a reasonable setup.

In case you missed the announcement, Consul now has its own API gateway: Introducing the Consul API Gateway. The gateway is currently in tech preview and as such is not currently recommended for production deployments. You can find a link to the GitHub repo in the blog post if you would like to try it out and provide us with feedback on the solution.