Go bindings stability

First, thank you so much for having Go lang support in CDKTF. Kudos to everyone inside/outside HCP for this <3

Question: Where can I find stability information for CDKTF’s Golang support? I don’t see this in GitHub - hashicorp/terraform-cdk-go: CDK for Terraform bindings for Go

I’ve been using the Go library of CDK 4 TF for few projects. And I want to check if CDKTF-go is sufficiently stable.

Hi @anand.m :wave:

thank you for the kind words! Go is fully supported since CDKTF 0.12 – the version we went GA with (blog post).

– Ansgar

Hi @ansgarm

Thank you so much :slight_smile: .

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Some of Go-documentation text still shows the support as “Experimental”. Checkout my attached screenshot.