Google terraform mongodbatlas provider issue

Hi Team,

I’m using terraform v1.0.1 and trying to create mongodbatlas cluster, but getting below error with the providers.

Error: Failed to query available provider packages

│ Could not retrieve the list of available versions for provider
│ hashicorp/mongodbatlas: provider registry does not
│ have a provider named

│ Did you intend to use mongodb/mongodbatlas? If so, you must specify that
│ source address in each module which requires that provider. To see which
│ modules are currently depending on hashicorp/mongodbatlas, run the
│ following command:
│ terraform providers

Also I’m using below source providers,

mongodbatlas = {
source = “mongodb/mongodbatlas”
version = “0.9.0”

Please can someone help me on this, if i’m missing something else.

Hi @dhinakar2707,

Chances are that you have a reference to mongodbatlas in a module which does not declare where that provider is sourced from with required_providers, so terraform is guessing that it must be in the default hashicorp namespace.

You can see what providers terraform finds using the providers command. If it is coming from a module, the solution would be to add required_providers to a file within that module. If that doesn’t work for you, we would need to see a complete configuration example here to debug.

Hey @dhinakar2707 , did your issue got resolved? If yes, how? I am too facing the same issue.