MongoAtlas provider issue

Hi Guys,

Very new to Terraform so be gentle.

I am just in the process of evaluating Terraform to deploy our cloud infrastructure, we currently use a mixture of Azure and AWS for different workloads. I have the Azure side in a working as expected and I’ve not touched AWS yet.

We also use MongoAtlas to host some Mongo clusters so I thought I’d use the MongoAtlas provider to stand up a cluster.

I am pretty much using the example Mongo code verbatim

resource “mongodbatlas_cluster” “mongo” {
project_id = “XXXXXXXXX”
name = “${var.cluster_name}”
num_shards = 3

replication_factor = 3
backup_enabled = true
auto_scaling_disk_gb_enabled = true
mongo_db_major_version = “3.6”

//Provider Settings “block”
provider_name = “AZURE”
provider_instance_size_name = “M20”
provider_disk_type_name = “P6”
provider_region_name = “US_EAST_2”

But I am getting the following error:

Argh the error is:

error creating MongoDB Cluster: POST 500 (request “Internal Server Error”) Unexpected error.

Is it solved as I am seeing the same issue now