GRPCProvider.Configure Provider Error

I seem to not be able to terraform apply on a call i can explain but ive tried pretty much anything to deleteing VS code reinstalling, upgrading tf, recloning develop and checking out branch again. is when i ctrl-c out of the apply and it shows the Golang error that seems to be calling the provider registry and the second is when i let it go and timeout. Ive confirmed 100000 times my auth methods and ability to manipulate aws cli cmds so i know thats not the issue.

another error tried to reinstall tf with amd64 and failed on plan with the same error i get when apply times out
configuring Terraform AWS Provider: validating provider credentials: retrieving caller identity from STS: operation error STS: GetCallerIdentity, request canceled, context canceled

turns out AWS Configure doesnt like when default region is empty when defining your aws configure. Issue is resolved