Guidance for ENVCONSUL signal handling

Hi – I’ve been perusing the envconsul source code and was a little confused about how exactly the child process (my app) is supposed to handle new secret data when the Runner is notified via the Watchers. I am assuming that the Consul watchers send data on the DataCh channel when they detect that new secret information is available in Vault (that is how it works, right?). I see that on

The new data is read and persisted but what I don’t understand is how the child process is supposed to pick up on those changes (to re-auth to a DB or whatever the case may be). Would anyone be able to help me understand the complete picture here so I can make sure the managed service always has the latest secret information in memory? I don’t see an explicit configuration to set that would make envconsul signal the child process to update when new data is available, so I’m a little confused.


Anyone? Just looking for a little clarification here…