Handling types.Object Field in a Framework Model Struct

Hi, I am following these examples and docs:

It said:

Objects can be automatically converted to any Go struct type with that follows these constraints: …

But I couldn’t find a way to do a such conversion. Here is an example I am working on:

type DeviceModel struct {
	DiskID   types.Int64 `tfsdk:"disk_id"`
	VolumeID types.Int64 `tfsdk:"volume_id"`

type DevicesModel struct {
	SDA DeviceModel `tfsdk:"sda"`
	SDB DeviceModel `tfsdk:"sdb"`

	// With DeviceModel type, I couldn't check null/unknown for them

	// SDB types.Object `tfsdk:"sdb"`
	// Can/Should I put types.Object as the type here for these fields above?
	// How can it be converted to be an instance of DeviceModel?
	// What would be the best practices to handle them?

Hi @zliang-akamai,

Can you provide the schema for your example? It’s difficult to answer this question without seeing the schema and the Framework attribute types that you are trying to model.