HashiCorp Learning Platform: Community Contributions?

Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but my question was specifically for the terraform section of the learn website so I figured I would post here.

So, I recently went through setting up Terraform + CircleCI for one of my projects, but I did it differently than this guide and I used Terraform Cloud instead of s3/AWS. I then thought “I wonder if there is a place that I could contribute to add using Terraform Cloud, so other people know how easy it is as well”, but I couldn’t find anything from a quick couple of searches ( granted I didn’t search very hard, so maybe there is something ).

I know you all at HashiCorp have a strong Open Source philosophy, so I was surprised when I didn’t see the normal “Edit this page” GH icon like most of the docs and other things have. I was curious is there a reason why the learn platform doesn’t allow for community contributions?

I figure it is very difficult to cultivate curated content even internally, but I just wanted to get an opinion people as to if this was a good idea or not. I definitely am not trying to be ungrateful for the content you all put out for terraform already, it is amazing!!! Thank you for all the amazing hard work!!! Just trying to see if I could help add my experience as well, and I know it won’t be of the same quality ( at least at first ), but I figure doing a PR then going back and forth with the person who normally does learn Terraform lessons could help keep the same quality while also allowing community members to helping out with their own experiences.

Bump (commenting again to attempt to raise it to the top of the forum posts), since I think I posted this on the weekend it might have gotten pushed down before people could look at it.

Hi @elreydetoda,

I’m not really the best person to reply here but since nobody else did already I’ll do my best:

The content in the “Learn” system is authored exclusively by HashiCorp’s Education team, and as far as I know there isn’t any current plan to accept direct contributions from the community because the team wants to make sure that all of the content is written in a similar writing style, fits together into a taxonomy with other content, etc.

I can pass on specific feedback to the Education team, but I expect they would prefer not to have multiple competing documented ways to achieve the same goal unless the two were clearly differentiated; the learning guides tend to be quite a bit more “opinionated” than the reference documentation.

I’ve seen lots of folks write about their experiences on their own blogs or other similar platforms. While of course such a thing will not be as prominent to the average Terraform user as a Learn guide, it all contributes to the nice assortment of different sorts of Terraform-related content available out there.

(If anyone on the HashiCorp Education team finds this and disagrees with what I’ve said above, please do feel free to chime in and correct me!)