How to contribute to the "Learn" pages for any product

Hey Hashi team and Community,

I looked around GitHub but couldn’t identify the repo for Boundary’s “Learn” pages… e.g.

I know there is a comment section at the bottom to provide feedback, but would love to contribute to these guides

I just went through boundary’s “learn” pages, and was so frustrated as little pieces of info/configs are missing, which costed me a good amount of time – would love to mitigate toil for any other folks who may go through this

Does Hashicorp allow community contributions on these pages?
Can you let me know where i can contribute?


At the moment, you can’t contribute to the “lern” resources directly, there is no public accessible GitHub repo. I had the same issues with other tutorials, noticing just little errors or typos and it would have been nice to propose a fix directly.

So please, Hashicorp, it would be great if users could improve the docs and tutorials in a more direct way. I know this also means quite some extra review work, but your resources would improve for all users.