Hashicorp repo missing?

I tried to follow the install instructions here: https://learn.hashicorp.com/tutorials/terraform/install-cli

I got a 404 error for


Is the repo down?

Hi @Data-drone,

I’m not familiar with the RHEL repository specifically so I’m not totally sure what’s going on here, but I believe that hashicorp.repo file includes some URL patterns that yum will then combine with your current RHEL release version and CPU architecture to form a final URL to download from, and so my first guess would be that you are either using a RHEL release or a CPU architecture that the HashiCorp repository doesn’t currently support.

Can you share the output you saw from yum-config-manager and yum when you tried to follow those instructions?

Interestingly, this looks like it works now.

But there seem to be 2 different URLs given in the Hashicorp docs, for grabbing the hashicorp.repo file.:

This is when testing on CentOS 7 (specifically listed as a supported distro), so that last broken URL should probably be looked at.

Easiest way would probably be to update the page to point at the working hashicorp.repo URL (with the static RHEL string embedded). :slight_smile:

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