HashiCorp Speaker Slides, Social Templates, and Zoom Backgrounds

Many HUG organizers and community members have requested a HashiCorp branded slide template to build their user group presentations on. We listened! :slight_smile:

Check out our speaker template made especially for those presenting about HashiCorp tooling at Meetups. This template will walk you through best practices for utilizing and branding guidelines.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on this deck.

Last speaker template update was Monday, July 13, 2020.


Hey everyone! We are excited to share new HUG speaker social templates with you. They are optimized for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

You will see that there are options for 1 speaker, 2 speakers, and 3 speakers. You are able to edit the city, add 2-3 word description of their talk, thank your sponsor, and highlight the date and time.

Best practices:

  • If you would like to use this format as the placeholder photo for your Meetup event, I recommend utilizing the Facebook image. The dimensions match up with Meetup better than Twitter and LinkedIn images.
  • These templates are made to be edited in Adobe Illustrator. If you do not have access to the Adobe creative suite, please reach out to hugs@hashicorp.com and we are happy to help you.

Hi everyone :wave:

In a time where everyone is going virtual, I am excited to provide HashiCorp Zoom virtual backgrounds for you to use at Meetups!

Additionally, check out these HashiCorp desktop backgrounds.

Shout out to the HashiCorp design team for making these especially for our HUG community.


Hello everyone :slight_smile: The community slide deck and speaker cards have been refreshed. Take a look!

Iā€™d like to say Iā€™m so excited when I see these slides out in the wild. I see them often at Meetups, HashiTalks, HashiConf, virtual conferences, and everywhere in between. Thank you for using!