Hashicorp Vault automation with PowerShell

Anyone interested in using Hashicorp Vault isolated on your non-routed home network?

I’ve recently put together a PowerShell script called, VaultApi that fully automates starting, stopping, sealing, unsealing, and CRUD operations on kv store version 1. Like the Vault cli, VaultApi make exclusive use of the Rest API.

I’m so satisfied with this that Hashicorp Vault is going to be my primary password manager for my home network. Below is a an article that I wrote. Let me know if VaultApi might be of interest to you. It has been tested and working great on my Linux system but I have not tested on Windows OS.

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Great article. What made you choose PowerShell on Linux. I have been seeing a lot of interest in this lately. I suspect mostly because of Azure’s popularity.

Thanks. I’ve used PowerShell since 2006 so when I switched to using Linux as my primary OS I just wanted let’s see how well PowerShell would work. So far, PowerShell is getting the job done. It is pretty forgiving on Linux.

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