Python library for Hashicorp Vault implementation

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my experience with hvac in my recent Python projects. So far, it has been quite impressive. The library seems to work smoothly, and it has facilitated the integration with HashiCorp Vault.

However, I recently came across a new pip library called PySecVault (py-sec-vault · PyPI). This library seems to be a bit easier to use. I’m curious if anyone here has any knowledge or experience with this library. I’d appreciate any insights you can share!

Personally? I prefer to use Python’s requests library directly, with a thin layer of custom wrappers to just slightly automate common concerns such as handling errors and warnings.

This is so I can directly utilise my knowledge of the Vault API, without having to go though yet another layer of documentation to find out what the particular library has decided to name the endpoint I want to call.

This new library seems to have made a conscious choice to shape it’s API to only be able to access one secrets engine per client instance, and looks pretty specific to KV secrets engines alone, too (just going by its front page example code). That’s a viable choice if it fits your usage patterns, but wouldn’t fit mine.