Hashicorp Vault RabbitMQ Secrets Engine

I have tried to enable rabbitmq secret engine. But i am facing a problem. When i tried communicate with RabbitMQ on vault, i see the following error:

my certificate: *.abc.gov.tr (X509v3 Subject Alternative Name: DNS: *.abc.gov.tr, DNS:abc.gov.tr)

rabbitmq certificate: rabint.abc.gov.tr

my credential configuration:
vault write rabbitmq/config/connection
username_template=“vault-{{.RoleName}}-{{unix_time}}-{{random 8}}”

When I use the Vault 1.8.0 image, The problem is solved when I define “GODEBUG=x509ignoreCN=0” in environment but, when i use Vault 1.9.4 image Even if I do this solution it keeps giving the same error.

How can I bypass this error? Could you help me?

When submitting your CSR to generate your certificate you need to leave off the Common Name/CN field otherwise this error will occur.