Hashicorp yum repo appears to be down - April 22 2024

I’m trying to do a yum search after adding hashicorp as a yum repo, and I’m getting the error saying:

“One of the configured repositories failed (Hashicorp Stable - x86_64)”

I’m new to Packer so maybe I did something wrong, but this appeared to work on a different machine a couple of days ago.

Thanks in advance

Hi @steveklewis,

I just tested using yum in a clean rockylinux container, nothing broken to report as far as I can tell, but maybe there’s something that changed?

If you try the steps from our docs, does that fix your issue?

Yes. For some reason I was looking at a page for Redhat that didn’t seem to have an option for Amazon Linux. I’m not sure how I got there, because the option is there now. Maybe I just didn’t read correctly. Things are working now.


I am having an issue that multiple systems are getting a cant download respond.xml for the rhel8 and rhel7 repos.