Hashicrop Vault Backup/Restore with SQL backup

Hi, all
i use hashicorp-vault as single docker container with a postgres SQL database as storage and no consul. Does anybody here have any expierence what the best practise is to backup and restore all my vault data ?

My first idea is to dump the vault DB and restore it with standard postgres SQL tools. But what is a about these snapshot mechanism vault offers Vault Data Backup Standard Procedure | Vault - HashiCorp Learn ?

Can i still use the method to create a snapshot of vault ? Because every time i try to execure the command vault operator raft snapshot save mysnapshot.snap i get the following error message:

code: 404. Errors:
*1 error occurred:
   * unsupported path

That doc is for Consul or Integrated Storage backends. If using something else, will need to use the native storage’s methods.

Consul snapshot only works for Consul storage.
/raft/snapshot only works for Integrated Storage (raft) storage.

@schmolleg +1 I’m finding myself in the same situation now. How did you go about this? Could you please share?