HC Vault Community Edition utilities

Hi all,

I want to deploy HC Vault Community Edition, and I wonder if the Community Edition, includes the below requirements:

  • Cert issuance
  • If possible integration with my own HSM as a secret engine
  • Listing of expiry + warning
  • CRL (and OCSP)
  • Offering 2 CAs (external and internal)
  • Auto renewal ( * ACME (Automatic Certificate Management Environment))
  • And eventually but not a must auto-enrollement on servers (linux, windows) for TLS Certs

Is there any guide regarding what Community Edition includes?

Thank you all for your answers in advance.

It does seem like we’re lacking a quickly scannable comparison chart between the editions.

Short term, you can see what features are enterprise only by reviewing the docs. Anything that is only in enterprise and not in the community edition has an “Enterprise” callout next to it.