HCP the same as Terraform cloud?

Hi all!

I’ve been out of the Terraform cloud space for a while and will be running a POC with Terraform. I’ve got the feeling HCP is a successor of Terraform cloud, or at least all Terraform functionality is also in HCP and with HCP you can opt in to use Vault i.e. Is this correct, or how to compare the two?

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Hi iohenkies,

HCP is the newer platform. While Terraform Cloud is not yet fully available in HCP, we are working towards a tighter integration.

For example, HCP user identity can be used to login to Terraform Cloud via SSO.

As you noted, when HCP is integrated with Terraform, other software like HCP Vault and HCP Consul will be available and can be used together with Terraform.

Thank you very much for the clarification sajjad!

A clarification - HCP SSO integration with TFC is currently unavailable, as we are working on a solution for Identity (as part of HCP-TFC integration effort).