Helm_release deployed in sequence

Hi, we are using helm provider/helm_release resource to deploy ArgoCD CRDs (Application resource). We have our own custom helm chart which gets rendered from value files we store in our repository. Terraform uses fileset function, gets the list of files in a folder and then runs for_each over this list with helm_release to create the ArgoCD Application resources in k8s. The problem is that these resources are refreshed in sequence during a plan so it takes really long time (5 minutes) just to get through these. Is there a way to make this refresh run in parallel? The resources are not depending on each other in any way.

Example from the plan - but we have something like 50 of those:

module.configure.module.helm_release_application["thanos.yaml"].helm_release.default: Refreshing state... [id=redacted]
module.configure.module.helm_release_application["cert-manager.yaml"].helm_release.default: Refreshing state... [id=redacted]
module.configure.module.helm_release_application["ingress-nginx.yaml"].helm_release.default: Refreshing state... [id=redacted