Is there any way to make the Helm Release run faster

Hi, I love the Terraform Helm Provider, but it turns out to be very slow when I manage 4 or 5 helm charts at the same time.

Is there anyway to make the TF plan run faster by skipping the something like skipping the verification (because sometimes I know there’s no new significant changes to check). Thank you

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Same happens here. We have 8-10 helm charts and TF is very slow with helm_release resources.

In parallel, we’ve found that helm ls took more than 1 minute and we’ve configured max_history to 10 (by default is 0 that means no limit). Now, the helm ls only takes 5 seconds but the slowness with Terraform still persists (EKS K8s 1.21, TF 0.14.10 and helm provider v2.5.1).


same issue, very slow with helm release in terraform.