Helm template on vault-helm using helm 2.14.3

I have vault-helm v0.1.2 configured on staging using helm install (with helm 2.x.x), and now, after a year long due for other circumstances, I’m planning to install vault-helm v0.7.0, using helm template (with helm version 2.14.3).

Will that be a problem installing vault-helm v0.7.0 using helm template (with helm version 2.14.3)?

Also in values.yaml in vault-helm v0.7.0, I don’t see the image: stanza anymore? Can anyone help me by pointing me with documentation that I have to read?

Appreciate your help.


vault-helm 0.7 requires helm v3: https://github.com/hashicorp/vault-helm/blob/v0.7.0/README.md#prerequisites

Thanks @jeroenjacobs79.