How can I modify the aws-auth configmap created by aws_eks_cluster

I have a EKS cluster

resource "aws_eks_cluster" "main" { # takes 10 minutes to deploy
  name = var.cluster_name
  role_arn = aws_iam_role.eks-cluster-role.arn
  vpc_config {
    subnet_ids = values(aws_subnet.subnets)[*].id

    endpoint_public_access = true
    endpoint_private_access = true
  enabled_cluster_log_types = ["api", "audit", "authenticator", "controllerManager", "scheduler"] # api, audit, authenticator, controllerManager, scheduler
  version = var.eks_version
  #platform_version = "eks.1" #

  # Ensure that IAM Role permissions are created before and deleted after EKS Cluster handling.
  # Otherwise, EKS will not be able to properly delete EKS managed EC2 infrastructure such as Security Groups.
  depends_on = [

This will automatically generate a kubernetes ConfigMap in namespace kube-system called aws-auth that I need to modify.

Is there anyway to replace that aws-auth directly from the terraform configuration (without having to use terraform import)?

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