Is is possible to automate the import of resources that are created by other resources?

For example an aws_eks_cluster will create an AWS EKS cluster with a aws-auth ConfigMap in the kube-system namespace.

That ConfigMap is not present in the terraform configuration as a resource and therefore I can’t replace it without importing it.

Is there a way to tell terraform that aws_eks_cluster is going to create a kubernetes_config_map and that I want to manage it from terraform myself?

Something like

 resource "aws_eks_cluster" "main" {...}

 provider "kubernetes" {
  load_config_file = false

  host = aws_eks_cluster.main.endpoint
  cluster_ca_certificate = base64decode(aws_eks_cluster.main.certificate_authority[0].data)
  token = data.aws_eks_cluster_auth.cluster_auth.token


 resource "kubernetes_config_map" "aws-auth" {
   metadata {name="aws-auth" namespace="kube-system"}
   autoimport = true #####

Is there something like this?