How to configure AWS-SSM to get Parameter Store

Hi guys!

I’ve been trying to configure the “aws-ssm” plugin in my local waypoint environment. But I can’t access any parameters.
I created the config using this command:

 waypoint config source-set -type=aws-ssm -config="region=us-east-1" -config="assume_role_arn=arn:aws:iam::ACCOUNTID:role/waypoint-role" -config="assume_role_session_name=waypoint"

I want to log in using roles. And my local user can assume this role if I use the sts command.
When I run the waypoint up command, I can’t access the configs I’ve set:

config {
  env = {
    MYSQL_ENDPOINT = configdynamic("aws-ssm", {
        path    = "/dev/us-east-1/app/golang/MYSQL_ENDPOINT"

In my code I’ve been using:
fmt.Printf("DNS of DB: %s", os.Getenv("MYSQL_ENDPOINT"))

and it comes up empty.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need anything else? Is my configuration wrong?

I’m using static_environment, as such:

deploy {
        use "docker" {
            static_environment = {
                "ENV": "dev",
                "LOG_LEVEL": "debug"

and it works when I try to os.Getenv.

Please check out the docs on debugging dynamic config: Dynamic Values - Application Configuration | Waypoint by HashiCorp

It’d be helpful to get some log output to see what’s going on here!