How to configure files based authentication in azure functions

Use case:
I need to disable authentication for health check urls of Azure function apps, this is done to configure DR strategy in Azure front door.

Solution for this:
We can configure file based authentication for azure app service (azure function belong to app service) specifying auth.json in arm template, Arm template for this is given at Microsoft.Web/sites/config 'authsettingsV2' - Bicep & ARM template reference | Microsoft Docs

This template has below section platform, where we can specify auth.json which can help us disabling authentication for health check urls

"platform": {
      "configFilePath": "auth.json",
      "enabled": "bool",
      "runtimeVersion": "string"

This can be configured in arm template, how can we configure file bases authentication using terraform?
Azure app service terraform documentation has auth_settings block, which has similar content like we have in auth,json file, but I am not able to see a way to disable auth for health check urls also no way to specify auth.json file like we can do in arm template. is there anything I am missing, can we achieve this in any other way?