How to create function app for python 3.8 azure functions?

Hi! I would like to create a Linux function app with consumption plan and python 3.8 runtime.

I have figured out everything except for the 3.8 runtime. If I export the ARM template of a function app that runs python3.8 it has an interesting section: "linuxFxVersion": "PYTHON|3.8".

I am actually not sure if this is what makes the function app run on python 3.8 but still notable. The function app which yields this ARM template was created with: az functionapp create --resource-group AzureFunctionsQuickstart-rg --os-type Linux --consumption-plan-location westeurope --runtime python --runtime-version 3.8 --functions-version 3 --name <APP_NAME> --storage-account <STORAGE_NAME> based on this

If I deploy a function app with terraform the runtime is 3.6 based on the logs:


Anyone has any insight on how to do this properly?

Hi, running into the same issue.

Have you figured it out?

Found it