How to destroy vsphere VM after successful packer build of "vsphere-clone" type

I am using packer “vsphere-clone” build to create OVA in our vsphere test environments.
my automation creates new VM / template upon every Pull Requests.
I like to destroy the VM if it runs from PR automation and keep it if it runs from “release” automation flow.

I like to configure the packer build such a way that it automatically delete the VM upon successful run too. This is very similar to AWS builder’s feature of “skip_ami_create” (Amazon EBS - Builders | Packer by HashiCorp)

Also I am using “convert_to_template”=false when building images during PR flows. This helps preventing template creation but the VM still stays on vsphere

is there such configuration already available for vsphere-clone ?

@supershal — Were you every able to figure this out?

Enhancement request GH-168.

Ryan Johnson
Senior Staff Solutions Architect | Product Engineering @ VMware, Inc.